Biomass Trading & Handling recently set up a new website.


Biomassa Trading & Handling BV is a reliable, stable and environmentally conscious company. We provide all variants of biomass, such as wood pellets and chips, for combustion in biomass plants throughout Europe.

We have considerable experience in the conversion of raw materials (we have a co-operative agreement with various partners, some of whom are in Canada), quality control, storage, and all associated logistics, including the punctual delivery of large and small orders. Our goal is a turnover of 1 million tons of wood pellets per year.

We are based in the south-west of the Netherlands. This is an ideal location, partly due to the proximity of the ports of Terneuzen and Flushing, whose facilities we have at our disposal.

You can come to us for sustainable long-term contracts of up to 20 years for large quantities, and you’ll find we offer the best price/quality ratio.